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Bulldog Price in India

Hey, are you looking for Bulldog Price in India, you are at the right place. We are going to talk about the prices of bulldogs in India in this post. We will also include additional useful information for Bulldog Buyers in India.
Bulldog Price in India
Bulldog Puppies are available from Rs 10,000 to Rs 60,000

Before adopting your Bulldog puppy in India, you need to decide from where your new companion will come. You should prefer selecting only the reputed and certified breeders from Delhi/NCR, who genuinely adore this breed and make genuine efforts to make their puppies healthy and happy. In addition to this, make sure your home is prepared to welcome the arrival of your new canine companion, do not forget to find an appropriate vet, and choose a happy, healthy, friendly Bulldog puppy from a trusted breeder.
Bulldog Breed Information

Today, Bulldog has become very much different from his early ancestors. This breed was developed in England. This breed was given the name “Bull” because they were being used in Bull baiting and for their strong appearance like that of a bull. The early Bulldogs were heavier and taller than today’s Bulldogs and that is why they were turned to play bull baiting sport. They were courageous, ferocious, and aggressive that could attack a grown bull powerfully. Then after many years, Bull baiting was declared illegal in England.

They had lived to fight with the bulls and bears. But later on, they were only bred with affectionate, sweet, gentle, and patient dogs. At present, the Bulldog has become the favourite affectionate and the gentlest pet dog and represents strength. They are included in the UK, US Army, Marine Corps, Navy and several schools, colleges, sports teams and universities.

The British or English bulldog is a compact, wide, and medium-sized dog having short legs. With a massive head and body, Bulldog has extra skin on the forehead and skull falling into manifolds. His cheeks are extended to the sides of his eyes.

Bulldog has a short and wide muzzle with a deep, broad stop. The nostrils are large, with a broad black nose. The eyes of a Bulldog are set deep. Their rose ears are very thin, small and set very high over the head. The jaws are very broad, massive and square hanging on the lips. The tail is either screwed or straight and low.

The flat and short coat is very smooth, glossy and straight. The fine and glossy coat includes the standard colours such as red brindle and other shades like solid white, solid red, brindle, fallow, fawn, washed out red, white, pale yellow or piebald or any other combination of these standard colours.

Sweet and sociable, having a reputation of being courageous which makes him an exceptional watchdog, Bulldog is an affectionate lover, not an aggressive fighter. Bulldog is not lively but dignified and has a very kind nature although stubborn occasionally. The Bulldog is an easygoing and friendly dog that gets along very well with everyone.

Bulldog might be a slow learner but once he is taught something, he gets very good at it. Bulldogs are not barkers. Usually, their massive appearance is sufficient to fight off the intruders. Bulldogs are also very lazy in nature and prefer a laid-back lifestyle. Like other dog breeds, early socialization with the children, other human beings and other family members is recommended for the Bulldogs to ensure a gentle and well-developed temperament. So, early socialization makes them very sweet, gentle and compatible with the children in the house.

Bulldog Breed Major Characteristics

BullDog information
Other names are British Bulldog, English Bulldog
Origin England
Size Type Large dog breeds, Purebreds
Breed Group Working dog breeds (AKC), Non-sporting
Life span 8- 10 years
Height Male: 12–16 inches (31–40 cm)Female: 12–15 inches (30–38 cm)
Weight Male: 24-25 kg Female: 22-23 kg
Coat Straight, smooth, short, glossy, and fine textured
Colours Fawn and White, Brindle and White, Fawn, Grey Brindle, solid Red, solid white, pale yellow, black, brown or a combination of these colours
Litter Size 4- 6 puppies
Grooming needs Low maintenance
Puppy Price The average price of a Bulldog puppy is US$ 1600 or Rs. 107000
Health Concerns Cherry eye, dry eye, Hip Dysplasia, tail problems, Flatulence, Shoulder luxation, Stenotic nares

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